If your dog is getting older, you are always looking for ways to help them stay happy and healthy. Dogs start to experience the symptoms of old age just like humans do. They get sore joints and muscles, they develop diseases, and some of the senses start to dull. You can provide some wonderful care for your dog during these years of increased risk and illness. 

Here are some care ideas and therapies to consider. 

Doggy Massage

In addition to your regular veterinary care, you might take the time to have your dog professionally massaged. Your dog will love the extra rub time, but it also has some great benefits. Regular massages can provide relieve from muscle and joint pain, and the massage also improve circulation to raise your aging pet's energy levels.

There's another benefit to getting regular massages; if your dog is properly massaged, you are better to able to catch lumps or other abnormalities caused by illnesses like cancer. It's a great preventative care technique. 

Food Quality

Your dog is no longer a puppy that can burn through mediocre pet food without too many negative side effects. While it's always better to choose high quality food for a dog (regardless of age), it's especially important for seniors. You should talk to your vet about finding foods that specially designed to support the needs of a mature dog. In general, older dogs need more fiber to support prolonged digestive health.

Managing your dog's weight is part of the equation. Overweight dogs tend to have more problems as they age, and they age more quickly. Dogs become less active as they years go by, so it's important to adjust the diet accordingly to stave off weight gain. Don't be tempted just to give your dog less of his or her regular adult food. Your dog might not get the nutrients he or she needs. Specialized senior dog foods still have all the vitamins and minerals necessary without as many calories. 


The days of excited running through the dog park might be long gone, but you should still make daily exercise a priority. Your dog's joint and muscles will stay healthier for longer if they are worked every day. Aches and pains are made worse with inactivity. Unless your vet specifically directs you otherwise, exercise is an essential part of your aging dog's care. Try to go for a walk in the cool of the morning or evening if the warm sun tires your dog more quickly than it once did. 

For more ways to keep your ageing dog happy and healthy, talk to facilities like the Downing Center For Animal Pain Management.