Even the most naturally beautiful dog or cat will eventually look and smell less than attractive without periodic bathing and grooming. However, many pet owners find these essential tasks unpleasant or difficult, while others have no idea what to do. Take a look at three smart reasons to use a professional pet grooming service instead. 

1. Proper Grooming Requires Specialized Equipment

If you've ever tried to give your pet an elaborate grooming session in your own home, you probably found that you didn't have the necessary tools to do the job properly or thoroughly. For instance, a longhaired pet may need a specific type of brush, while a shorthaired pet might need a completely different one.

Professional groomers invest in all the equipment necessary for full-service pet grooming. They keep a variety of brushes and combs in stock to deal with different coat conditions as well as scissors, electric clippers, medicated shampoos, grooming wipes, blow dryers, and grooming towels, ensuring a good experience for your pet.

2. DIY Grooming Sometimes Makes Things Worse

Well-intentioned pet owners can actually harm their beloved pets in their efforts to groom them without the proper experience or equipment. Nail trimming serves as a prime example. If you don't know how to perform this task correctly, you can cut the quick of the nail, resulting in a bleeding wound and a traumatized animal. Professional groomers use clippers designed specifically for trimming a pet's nails safely and painlessly. Regular nail trimming sessions can also help prevent future painful injuries. Overgrown, jagged nails can easily get caught in carpeting, potentially tearing away from the nail bed and creating an infection risk.

If your pet struggles with tangled mats of hair on a regular basis, regular grooming sessions by a skilled professional can largely eliminate this issue, since incorrect brushing at home contributes to mat development. Groomers also have the skills and tools to shave or cut the mats away without tugging on your pet's skin.

3. Pet Groomers Can Recognize Potential Health Problems

Health problems in pets can develop slowly and subtly. You might not even notice an abnormality in your pet's skin, ears, or tail when you groom your pet at home. Fortunately, professional groomers know the signs and symptoms of allergic skin reactions, bacterial infections, pest infestations, or potential cancers.

If possible, look for a veterinary clinic that also offers grooming services. This winning combination allows the groomer to call the veterinary staff for immediate attention to any potential health problems that might call for diagnosis and treatment.

Your pet depends on you for routine cosmetic and wellness care. See to their needs by contacting a pet grooming service near you and scheduling a session.